Transitalia Marathon 2019 – Sansepolcro to Nocera Umbra

Sansepolcro, the city of art. A beautiful little place with lots of great places to have a good time after a long day of riding. At Sansepolcro’s main square, Piazza Torre di Berta, a roar of engines may have woken up one or two people this morning.

We were ready to go again!

The track was a little rocky with some puddles along the way and it was a hot day in the middle of Italy. You could say perfect conditions for having a good time. I started going fast where I can and too slow where I thought I needed to be slow, after getting some tips from the pros I tried finding my sweetspot pace to ride more efficient and less stamina draining. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s getting better by the day.

Overall it was a spectacular unspectacular day, I didn’t make long breaks along the way, the ride was just too good to stop so I pushed through.

I arrived at the ancient village Nocera Umbra quite early and enjoyed the evening there. I mean look at this beautiful place!

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